The conspiracy of the village bumpkins

Over the weekend Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said to Politico: “Of course it’s not accepted, but the factual point is that all the terrorists are basically migrants. The question is when they migrated to the European Union.” This statement started our brain juices flowing and we came to the conclusion that with his words Mr Orbán himself has unearthed a conspiracy that he has been leading for the last 25 years. Continue reading

Do you have a friend manufacturing barbed wire?

We thought we were funny when we wrote last week: “We suggest the implementation of a wall with electronic surveillance equipment and electric current to deter would be immigrants. Land mines and self-shooting equipment would have to be installed as well. Maybe, some of the experts who built the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall are still among us. Their know-how would be highly appreciated.”

It seems, however, that we were spot on. The Hungarian government decided today to erect a 4m tall fence along the 175 km long Hungarian-Serbian border. Continue reading

Hatred at any price

While according to the Prime Minister’s “attention to people” is becoming the new guiding principle of government instead of power, in practice we happen to experience just the opposite. The xenophobic campaign against migrants is at full swing and a homophobic one is also in the making. Continue reading

Democracy FIDESZ style – Prime Minister’s answers shown but questions not

Today Fidesz’s web site – – published yesterday’s question time in Parliament; however, for the fun of it, only the answers of Mr. Orbán are shown. The questions are missing. And it seems some of the answers are missing as well, as the recording starts with a half sentence of Mr. Orbán saying something about the development cabinet. So the question must have been about the debate started by former US Ambassador Eleni Kounalakis by quoting a former minister in her book, saying that she and Mr. Orbán decided week by week who the winners of development tenders should be.

We don’t know who asked what and how. Parliament’s web site has not published the recorded proceedings of yesterday’s session in the House until the writing of this post. Continue reading

Trianon and Schengen -Two quotes from Strasbourg

While Prime Minister Orbán said a number of things that we could take issue with before, during and after the debate about the situation in Hungary in the European Parliament on Tuesday, we would like to limit ourselves to two quotes only.

As we wrote yesterday, in our view the purpose of Mr. Orbán’s presence in Strasbourg was to continue to provoke the European Union in order to present himself as a freedom fighter to his domestic audience, defending the rights of hard working Hungarians. In this sense we could and should disregard whatever he said; however, these two quotes actually prove that Mr. Orbán’s purpose could have been pure provocation only and nothing else, as what he actually said does not make sense, if taken seriously. Continue reading

Orbán calls quota system crazy, but wants to discuss it in Parliament

Answering a question at a press conference today, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán reacted to the European Commission’s plans to distribute refugees in the EU based on a quota system. According to media reports, the Commission would send its proposal this week to member states in order to discuss it at a summit in June. Mr. Orbán said that once he received the proposal, he would forward it to the Hungarian Parliament for debate, in order to be able represent a coordinated position. Continue reading

Internment camp and forced to work

At the end of April, following The Guardian’s article “Hungary PM: bring back death penalty and build work camps for immigrants”, Zoltán Kovács, the international spokesman of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán attacked the British newspaper and threatened:  “We shall take all necessary steps in relation to The Guardian and these unfounded claims.”

We were hoping for something exciting. Or at least forceful. It seems, however that the necessary steps have taken the form of an unexciting Letter to the Editor, “Hungary’s PM did not threaten to defy EU law”, published on Thursday in The Guardian. Continue reading

Orbán wants to discuss capital punishment out of desperation

Today, in Pécs, at the next station of his Tour of Cities, Prime Minister Orbán Viktor responded to a question about a recent murder case: “….although we believed that we have closed the chapter on criminal law and law enforcement issues, when we introduced the “three plagues” and the life sentence without parole, the issue of the death sentence must be kept on the agenda in Hungary, and it must be known that we are not deterred from anything.” The “three plagues” refer to changes in the criminal law introduced by Fidesz in 2010 that introduced more severe sanctions for certain violent criminals. Continue reading