The conspiracy of the village bumpkins

Over the weekend Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said to Politico: “Of course it’s not accepted, but the factual point is that all the terrorists are basically migrants. The question is when they migrated to the European Union.” This statement started our brain juices flowing and we came to the conclusion that with his words Mr Orbán himself has unearthed a conspiracy that he has been leading for the last 25 years. Continue reading

The Ministry of Complaints, Protest, Rejections and Summoning

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued 51 press releases over the last two weeks. Of these releases 23 (45%) have been complaints, rejections, protests or other strongly worded statements. Continue reading

The Two Tailed Dog Party posters are out

As we have been posting earlier the Two Tailed Dog Party collected over € 100,000 for a billboard campaign to counter the xenophobic hatred campaign of the government. The first 500 posters went up this morning and and were kind enough to show the first pictures.

A Facebook vote decided the text to be placed on the two sides of the single billboard site in Felcsút, the birthplace of Prime Minister Orbán, where he maintains a house. Although the billboard is 1.7 km walking distance from the Orbán residence, it cannot be missed when driving from Budapest. Continue reading

Immigration + Fidesz = Disinformation

The government’s decision to build a 175 km fence along the Hungarian-Serbian border has been published at lightning speed in the Official Gazette. The government decree has three points.

  1. The government orders the preparation of the erection of a temporary fence. Deadline: 24 June 215
  2. Calls the Minister of National Economy to allocate funds for the measure above. Deadline: 1 August 2014
  3. Calls the Minister of Interior to draft legislation in order to take efficient steps against illegal immigration, taking into consideration the results of the National Consultation about Immigration and Terrorism. Deadline: 1 July 2015.

Continue reading

Our favorite billboard

Soon a space center will be built here

A space center will be built here soon

The “Two Tailed Dog Party” suggests to install the billboard above in Felcsút, the birthplace of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. A few years ago a soccer stadium seating twice the population of the village has been built next to the Prime Minister’s house and a small gauge train is also planned.

From the billboard front: Thousands are donating, fund approaches €100,000,

The intensity of the Billboard War does not seem to be abating. The fronts are moving, back and forth with private donors, the United Nations High Commissioner’s Office, the police, Hungarian politicians and activists all participating.

The donation campaign of the  “Two Tailed Dog Party” and Thick-skin Blog is still going strong. We have never heard of any fundraiser coming even close to the number of donations and the amount collected so far. The plan of a campaign with alternative billboard texts seems to have touched a cord with those disgusted by the government campaign. Continue reading

From our war correspondent: donations are pouring in for the alternative billboard campaign

The Billboard War is still raging. Activists are busy vandalizing government-sponsored billboards that address illegal immigrants in Hungarian. No further news about police actions have emerged following the arrest of 6 individuals by plainclothes police on Sunday. This means that either the police has given up chasing the billboard spray teams, or the latter have become more sophisticated in avoiding harassment. Continue reading

The Billboard War is on

Battlefield reports from the weekend: Plainclothes police is guarding xenophobic billboards and detains 6 individuals for damaging private property; two “perpetrators” tear down a poster, clean up the trash, and then report themselves to the police; someone changes with meticulous work the text from “If you come to Hungary you cannot take the jobs of Hungarians” into “If you come to Hungary you cannot take away Viktor Orbán”, meaning: you cannot marry Prime Minister Viktor Orbán…. Continue reading

Bicycle Bridges of Baja County

This morning Prime Minister Viktor Orbán inaugurated a 72-meter-long bicycle bridge in Baja. No, not a 1720-meter-long bridge across the Danube, but a nice and cozy little bridge between two islands in a town close to the Serbian and Croatian border. Why did he bother to go there? Was he bored in Felcsút where his soccer team was only playing in the afternoon? (They won, for the first time this year on their home pitch!) We don’t know. To be fair, he also inaugurated a tourist center in Baja. But still. This is very peculiar. Continue reading