The conspiracy of the village bumpkins

Over the weekend Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said to Politico: “Of course it’s not accepted, but the factual point is that all the terrorists are basically migrants. The question is when they migrated to the European Union.” This statement started our brain juices flowing and we came to the conclusion that with his words Mr Orbán himself has unearthed a conspiracy that he has been leading for the last 25 years. Continue reading

How many meetings with prominent Jews make the fence go away?

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has met with two Jewish dignitaries, (Ronald S. Lauder, the President of the Jewish World Congress and Senior Rabbi Arthur Schneier,) plus the widow of congressman Tom Lantos, a well-known Hungarian holocaust survivor on his recent trip to the US on the occasion of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). At the same time István Mikola, the State Secretary responsible among others for religious diplomacy, visited the Rebbe of Munkács (head of a small Hasidic sect originally from Munkács, today Mukachevo in Ukraine) at his home in Brooklyn. Continue reading

Give chaos a chance

The refugee crisis is the major humanitarian and political issue in all of the European Union, including Hungary, and it will probably remain so for quite some time. However, life goes on. The Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, János Lázár has, for example, submitted to Parliament a Bill about the establishment of a new ministry: the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. Continue reading

Investors might pick Hungary instead of Greece – Or not?

This morning Parliamentary State Secretary and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of National Economy, András Tállai, said on public television that investors scared by the Greek events might turn to the US or China but they may also invest into Hungarian instruments, which might have a positive impact on the yields of Hungarian government securities. He also said that since Hungary has no significant financial or economic contacts with Greece it is highly unlikely that the exchange rate of the Hungarian Forint would be dramatically affected. Continue reading

Final result of the by-election in the Ajka – Tapolca – Sümeg constituency

The final count published by the National Election Office this afternoon confirmed the preliminary result from Sunday night. Lajos Rig from Jobbik has increased his lead to 365 votes or 1.22% against Zoltán Fenyvesi from Fidesz-KDNP, and has been elected to parliament. Ferenc Pad from MSZP-DK came distant third.


Attorney General Blames the Police

Today the Spokesman of the Attorney General indirectly blamed the police for the drop in the number of prosecuted corruption cases. We have written earlier about the surprising data has unearthed, according to which the number of reported corruption cases has dropped significantly Continue reading

Correction to our previous post

We were wrong in our postPolice does Miracles Even Without Instructions. According to HVG the police has today arrested four associates of Hungária Értékpapír Zrt. (Hungaria Equities Inc.) on charges of embezzlement. The National Bank reported the brokerage to the police on Thursday. The missing amount in Hungaria is in the order if HUF 1 billion (around € 3.3 million). Continue reading

Police does Miracles Even Without Instructions

Please see Correction below!

At 7:51 AM Prime Minister Viktor Orbán complained during his regular Friday morning radio interview that the perpetrators of the Buda-Cash affair have still not been arrested. He explained that the government could not instruct the justice system. However, if he was in charge of the justice system the culprits would already be in jail. Continue reading

Corruption Case Investigations Terminated Early an, investigative blog, published in February some surprising data it had obtained from the office of the Attorney General about the reported cases of offering or accepting bribes and influence peddling during the last socialist government (2006-2010) and the first period of the current Orbán government (2010-2014). Continue reading