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What is Hungary today and where is it heading? We will try hard to give you a helping hand in making your own judgment. We welcome your comments – please take a look at our commenting guidelines below.



About Narrator

The blog is run by Narrator, a native of Budapest, who runs his consulting company locally. A physicist/biologist by education, he became a vocal participant of the democratic transition in Hungary in the late 1980s. His later career not only involved running a successful communications company for 10 years, with international and national clients alike, but he also trained young political leaders in Indonesia. He then spent over 10 years in various executive positions in the telecommunications sector in Hungary and the West Balkans. His LinkedIn profile is here.

This is what he has to say about himself:

“Born in Budapest to parents of professional/intellectual occupations I have had very few living relatives – the missing ones vanished into thin air in 1944 – my identity was and is more about language and culture plus values, rather than history or origin.

I have spent 8 of the last 10 years working abroad. 12 of the last 15. Returning to Hungary after such a long period abroad is great. On one hand. On the other hand it is painful. No, not because of poverty – the three countries I lived in were all poorer than Hungary – but because I’m not a foreigner anymore who does not care. In Hungary, I’m at home and I do care. “

He can be contacted here.

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Our favorite comments policy is that of the Guardian and generally we will stick to that. We also like the following sentence from Guido Fawkes’ Blog the most popular political blog in the UK:

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