Túrós csusza – do You like it?

Prime minister Viktor Orbán briefed on Monday the heads of Hungary’s diplomatic missions about his government’s foreign policy priorities. As expected, he almost exclusively talked about the refugee crisis, in official wording the “migration situation”.

Referring to the example of France and Germany where sizeable Muslim minorities live, he said: Continue reading

Shame, shame

After several weeks of absence it is really hard to get back to the daily routine of blog writing. We have been trying for several days now. But the events, yes, we are talking about the refugee crisis, have overwhelmed us. We were gasping for air instead of grabbing a keyboard.

So let’s clarify where we stand on this:

In our view the way in which the Hungarian government handles the crisis is despicable. Continue reading

Mr. Orbán talks about the Serbian national character

This morning, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave one of his regular Friday morning radio interviews. While he mostly talked about the refugees and blamed the EU for encouraging Africans to come to wealthy Europe, he also talked about his meeting with the Serbian Prime Minister. 444.hu was kind enough to transcribe what he had to say about the Serbs. Continue reading

Serbians have no other choice but to swallow the bitter pill – but they do it with grace

When the decision to build a fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border was announced, we wrote: ‘According to the Hungarian Foreign Minister, Péter Szíjjártó, the Serbian government has not been informed yet, but on 1 July there will be a government summit (whatever that means) where the issue will be discussed in detail.’ And indeed, yesterday the Serbian Prime Minister met with his Hungarian counterpart, Viktor Orbán, in Budapest.

We have looked at the releases of the two governments in order to guess what might have happened during the talks. Continue reading

The Two Tailed Dog Party posters are out

As we have been posting earlier the Two Tailed Dog Party collected over € 100,000 for a billboard campaign to counter the xenophobic hatred campaign of the government. The first 500 posters went up this morning and HVG.hu and 444.hu were kind enough to show the first pictures.

A Facebook vote decided the text to be placed on the two sides of the single billboard site in Felcsút, the birthplace of Prime Minister Orbán, where he maintains a house. Although the billboard is 1.7 km walking distance from the Orbán residence, it cannot be missed when driving from Budapest. Continue reading

Investors might pick Hungary instead of Greece – Or not?

This morning Parliamentary State Secretary and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of National Economy, András Tállai, said on public television that investors scared by the Greek events might turn to the US or China but they may also invest into Hungarian instruments, which might have a positive impact on the yields of Hungarian government securities. He also said that since Hungary has no significant financial or economic contacts with Greece it is highly unlikely that the exchange rate of the Hungarian Forint would be dramatically affected. Continue reading

Refugee numbers explode following fence announcement

Getting hold of migration related figures has been really hard in January, when the Prime Minister discovered in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre that immigration was an issue. Times have changed, and for quite some time the official website of Hungarian police, police.hu, displays the number of apprehended migrants in the last five days on its front page, with a link to the graph showing the figures for the last 30 days. Plus, there is the option to review 2015 data month by month. The customer friendly police satisfies the hunger for data of the masses. Continue reading

Government would like to charge for answering Freedom of Information requests

444.hu has discovered that Friday afternoon the Ministry of Justice submitted to Parliament a series of amendments to the Freedom of Information Act and other laws.

The amendments would allow data owners to request payment for the work performed by providing the data. Other limitations would among others prohibit anonymous data requests and in case of copyrighted material no copies would be provided; the requestor would have the option to view the documents on the spot only. Continue reading