It was sooo predictable

Hungary has closed its borders, and logically, the refugees are looking for alternative routes towards Germany via Croatia, Romania and then back into Hungary or through Slovenia. This has been all pretty predictable, including the erection of new fences and the closure of further border crossings in the region. We have no reason to be surprised since Mr Orbán announced well in advance that he was going to build a fence, no matter what.

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By moving to the far right, did Orbán create space in the political centre for an adversary?

Hungary sealed its border with Serbia on 15 September. Since then refugees can only enter legally at two ”entry points”. If they force their entry by scaling the fence along the border, they commit a crime – based on a new Law in force also as of 15 September, and this automatically disqualifies them from receiving asylum. Continue reading

Prime Minister redefines tolerance day by day

The Prime Minister has gone into overdrive. He obviously does not want us to write about anybody else, but him.

But first, let’s do a small detour to the former Minister of National Development, now State Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, Németh Lászlóné, who was quoted by former US Ambassador Eleni Kounalakis as having told her that “every week she sat down with Orbán, looked over the list of public works projects, and decided which ones to prioritize and which bids to accept.” The Prime Minister acknowledged this on Sunday and declared this to be the norm even now. Mrs. Németh, however, told the press yesterday that the US Ambassador must have misunderstood something. Continue reading

National Consultation a scam

On February 13 during his regular Friday morning radio interview, Prime Minister Vikor Orbán announced that he would initiate a “national consultation” about immigration, in order to receive a mandate from the Hungarian people that the Hungarian authorities should be authorized – contrary to EU regulation in force – to arrest illegal migrants, lock them up and deport them swiftly. Upon receiving this mandate he would make sure that Brussels accepted the Hungarian position. Continue reading

No shopping on Sundays but press conferences keep families together?

Watch on M1 News Deputy State Secretary Ferenc Csepreghy holding a press conference in front of Parliament on Sunday.

It seems that holding a press conference on Sunday does not disturb family life as much as shopping. Fidesz-KDNP has recently ordered shops to be closed on Sundays on grounds that it disrupts family life of both shoppers and shop attendants. Would it not be fair to let camera crews and journalists to spend time with their families too?

By the way, what Mr. Csepreghy said on Sunday wasn’t even true, according to the second part of the report. Also in the news: anti-corruption demonstrations were held in 100 cities.

Paks – a dispute in the classified radiating cloud

Yesterday the Financial Times reported that “Euratom refused to approve Hungary’s plans to import nuclear fuel exclusively from Russia. Hungary appealed against the decision but, according to three people close to the talks, the European Commission has now thrown its weight behind Euratom’s rejection of the contract.”

This morning the Hungarian Government said in return “Our expectation is that, following intensive negotiations, the fuel supply contract will be finalized in line with EURATOM requirements in a matter of weeks. Continue reading