The Ministry of Complaints, Protest, Rejections and Summoning

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued 51 press releases over the last two weeks. Of these releases 23 (45%) have been complaints, rejections, protests or other strongly worded statements. Continue reading

It was sooo predictable

Hungary has closed its borders, and logically, the refugees are looking for alternative routes towards Germany via Croatia, Romania and then back into Hungary or through Slovenia. This has been all pretty predictable, including the erection of new fences and the closure of further border crossings in the region. We have no reason to be surprised since Mr Orbán announced well in advance that he was going to build a fence, no matter what.

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Túrós csusza – do You like it?

Prime minister Viktor Orbán briefed on Monday the heads of Hungary’s diplomatic missions about his government’s foreign policy priorities. As expected, he almost exclusively talked about the refugee crisis, in official wording the “migration situation”.

Referring to the example of France and Germany where sizeable Muslim minorities live, he said: Continue reading