Not another Balkan war, please!

Croatia has banned all Serbs from entering its territory Thursday morning in retaliation for Serbs banning Croatian trucks from its territory in retaliation for Croatia shutting down all Serbian border crossings etc. A chain reaction of events that have one common root: the Hungarian border fence that has stopped refugees from entering Hungary and has left them stranded in Serbia. Continue reading

Is there Fidesz without Orbán?

Yesterday Fidesz lost the by-election by less than 300 votes. It was a very close race indeed. In 2014 it received 7000 votes more than the second placed left wing candidate and 8000 more than the Jobbik candidate in the same constituency. Quite a difference. Fidesz lost in the by-election in Veszprém in Febuary and another one in Budapest in November 2014. The ones lost this year had been solid Fidesz constituencies in the past. Continue reading

Hungary in pursuit of the Turkish – Balkan Stream

Yesterday Peter Szíjjártó, the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, hosted the Foreign Ministers of Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and the Minister of EU Affairs of Turkey to discuss an alternative to the Southern Stream gas pipeline cancelled by Russia in December 2014. Continue reading

The first of two Veszprém county by-elections. Does it matter?

veszprem1_20150222On Sunday 22 February voters in the Veszprém County Electoral District No. 1 will elect a new Member of Parliament instead of Mr. Tibor Navracsics, the current EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, who resigned because of his EU appointment. Continue reading