Give chaos a chance

The refugee crisis is the major humanitarian and political issue in all of the European Union, including Hungary, and it will probably remain so for quite some time. However, life goes on. The Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, János Lázár has, for example, submitted to Parliament a Bill about the establishment of a new ministry: the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. Continue reading

Governments manipulate people’s feelings toward asylum seekers

We have been posting about opinion polls earlier that showed that Hungarians are not particularly fond of foreigners, to say the least. Yesterday Tárki published another one of such frightening results. Tárki has been following the attitude towards foreigners – more precisely towards asylum seekers  – since 1992.

This year 46% of the respondents said that they would not allow any asylum seeker to settle in the country. This is the highest figure since 1992. We suspect that this is a consequence of the anti-immigration campaign of the government that was already running at full speed when the poll was taken. Continue reading

Sunday shopping will be further restricted

Six weekends have passed since the law about the statutory closing of shops on Sundays came into effect on March 15. Tomorrow Parliament will amend the Law. You might think that following the objections of the Counties around Lake Balaton and other vacation spots the government has realized that forcing shops to stay closed on Sundays might not be the best idea, as it will create chaos during the summer period. You were wrong. Continue reading

Fidesz would have to form minority government according to Index simulation

Index published this morning an interesting, though simple simulation of the election results, based on the recent by-elections, where Fidesz received almost 50% less votes that in the last elections in April 2014. In the simulation Index subtracted 30% from the votes cast for the winning candidates in the single member constituencies in 2014, leaving the votes of the second placed unchanged, as has been the case in the two last by-elections in Veszprém County. Continue reading

Final result of the by-election in the Ajka – Tapolca – Sümeg constituency

The final count published by the National Election Office this afternoon confirmed the preliminary result from Sunday night. Lajos Rig from Jobbik has increased his lead to 365 votes or 1.22% against Zoltán Fenyvesi from Fidesz-KDNP, and has been elected to parliament. Ferenc Pad from MSZP-DK came distant third.


Fidesz ministers vote against their own Bill

Since the passing away of MP Jenő Lasztovicza and the departure of Minister of Justice, Mr. Tibor Navracsics to Brussels to become EU Commissioner, Fidesz-KDNP had temporarily 131 MPs only, two fewer than 133, the minimum number required for a two-thirds supermajority. Fidesz has lost both by-elections aimed to elect the missing MPs and therefore the deficit has become permanent. As a consequence, every vote that requires a supermajority to pass has become either a horse-trading exercise or an intimidation/vote buying game. Continue reading

We don’t know about the study, but it is wrong

In 2011 the Ministry for National Economy predicted that the prohibition of Sunday shopping would result in 10 to 15 thousand people losing their jobs and a budgetary shortfall of up to HUF 50 billion (around € 164) in lost taxes and unemployment benefits, according to an impact study as reported by Népszabadság this morning. As a consequence, the government rejected the implementation of this KDNP initiative at that time. Continue reading

Sunday shopping – loophole hunting

Since shortly before Christmas, when a special gift of the government to the nation was approved by Parliament – we are talking about the prohibition of Sunday retail shopping – everybody has been hunting for loopholes.

The Law itself is a brainchild of KDNP, the Christian Democratic satellite of Fidesz and was most likely part of a deal between some party leaders and Fidesz Chairman and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Continue reading

The first of two Veszprém county by-elections. Does it matter?

veszprem1_20150222On Sunday 22 February voters in the Veszprém County Electoral District No. 1 will elect a new Member of Parliament instead of Mr. Tibor Navracsics, the current EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, who resigned because of his EU appointment. Continue reading