The unexpected refugee train from Croatia that was expected and assisted by Hungarian police

Index has published a video showing how the Croatian and Hungarian police peacefully cooperated in loading refugees from a Croatian train into a waiting Hungarian one. So much about “Major violation of intrntl law at the HUN/HR: train with over 1000 migrants with 40 armed HR policemen crosses the border without permission” as tweeted by government spokesman Zoltán Kovács. Hungarian police issued a statement saying that the Croatian policemen did not carry arms. So much about truthfulness.

Refugee numbers explode following fence announcement

Getting hold of migration related figures has been really hard in January, when the Prime Minister discovered in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre that immigration was an issue. Times have changed, and for quite some time the official website of Hungarian police,, displays the number of apprehended migrants in the last five days on its front page, with a link to the graph showing the figures for the last 30 days. Plus, there is the option to review 2015 data month by month. The customer friendly police satisfies the hunger for data of the masses. Continue reading

From the billboard front: Thousands are donating, fund approaches €100,000,

The intensity of the Billboard War does not seem to be abating. The fronts are moving, back and forth with private donors, the United Nations High Commissioner’s Office, the police, Hungarian politicians and activists all participating.

The donation campaign of the  “Two Tailed Dog Party” and Thick-skin Blog is still going strong. We have never heard of any fundraiser coming even close to the number of donations and the amount collected so far. The plan of a campaign with alternative billboard texts seems to have touched a cord with those disgusted by the government campaign. Continue reading

The Billboard War is on

Battlefield reports from the weekend: Plainclothes police is guarding xenophobic billboards and detains 6 individuals for damaging private property; two “perpetrators” tear down a poster, clean up the trash, and then report themselves to the police; someone changes with meticulous work the text from “If you come to Hungary you cannot take the jobs of Hungarians” into “If you come to Hungary you cannot take away Viktor Orbán”, meaning: you cannot marry Prime Minister Viktor Orbán…. Continue reading

Has Jobbik really changed?

Now, that Jobbik is claiming to be just another conservative-nationalist party, we have looked at its 2014 election program that is still presented on Jobbik’s web page as its current program of action. We are showing two sections, Law enforcement/Dealing with the past and Foreign Affairs in order to enable English speakers to also take a peek into the world of Jobbik. We have used the translation of Jobbik, unless we believed that it did not accurately reflect the Hungarian original. Continue reading

Correction to our previous post

We were wrong in our postPolice does Miracles Even Without Instructions. According to HVG the police has today arrested four associates of Hungária Értékpapír Zrt. (Hungaria Equities Inc.) on charges of embezzlement. The National Bank reported the brokerage to the police on Thursday. The missing amount in Hungaria is in the order if HUF 1 billion (around € 3.3 million). Continue reading

Police does Miracles Even Without Instructions

Please see Correction below!

At 7:51 AM Prime Minister Viktor Orbán complained during his regular Friday morning radio interview that the perpetrators of the Buda-Cash affair have still not been arrested. He explained that the government could not instruct the justice system. However, if he was in charge of the justice system the culprits would already be in jail. Continue reading