Give chaos a chance

The refugee crisis is the major humanitarian and political issue in all of the European Union, including Hungary, and it will probably remain so for quite some time. However, life goes on. The Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, János Lázár has, for example, submitted to Parliament a Bill about the establishment of a new ministry: the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. Continue reading

Send the migrants back to Serbia – with great respect

This morning, at the International Arab Banking Summit 2015, the Prime Minister said that Hungary is an open and friendly country, where there are no barriers to investment. He also said that public safety is outstanding; moreover, the culture of respect still exists here, while respect seems to be disappearing in this part of the world.

While reading this, especially the last sentence, we remembered the billboards of the government, and we were wondering whether we lived in the same country as the Prime Minister. Continue reading

The Lázár – Rogán dream team

Something is brewing in Fidesz. Several newspapers and portals reported independently that Prime Minister Orbán wants to create the position of Chief of Cabinet or Chief of Staff and appoint faction leader Antal Rogán to the job. It has been reported too that the new job would also result in the establishment of a new cabinet, a small government within the government, which would enable the Prime Minister to closely control all departments and get his agenda across effectively. Continue reading

Is there Fidesz without Orbán?

Yesterday Fidesz lost the by-election by less than 300 votes. It was a very close race indeed. In 2014 it received 7000 votes more than the second placed left wing candidate and 8000 more than the Jobbik candidate in the same constituency. Quite a difference. Fidesz lost in the by-election in Veszprém in Febuary and another one in Budapest in November 2014. The ones lost this year had been solid Fidesz constituencies in the past. Continue reading

Buda-Cash Affair is a Socialist Scandal According to Mr. Rogán

Everybody, including NarratorBlog, was wondering what the Fidesz reaction to the defeat at the by-election in Veszprem is going to look like. Mr. Antal Rogán, leader of the Fidesz faction in Parliament, presented one of the reactions today. He called the recent Buda-Cash affair ‘another Socialist brokerage scandal”. Continue reading