The unexpected refugee train from Croatia that was expected and assisted by Hungarian police

Index has published a video showing how the Croatian and Hungarian police peacefully cooperated in loading refugees from a Croatian train into a waiting Hungarian one. So much about “Major violation of intrntl law at the HUN/HR: train with over 1000 migrants with 40 armed HR policemen crosses the border without permission” as tweeted by government spokesman Zoltán Kovács. Hungarian police issued a statement saying that the Croatian policemen did not carry arms. So much about truthfulness.

Internment camp and forced to work

At the end of April, following The Guardian’s article “Hungary PM: bring back death penalty and build work camps for immigrants”, Zoltán Kovács, the international spokesman of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán attacked the British newspaper and threatened:  “We shall take all necessary steps in relation to The Guardian and these unfounded claims.”

We were hoping for something exciting. Or at least forceful. It seems, however that the necessary steps have taken the form of an unexciting Letter to the Editor, “Hungary’s PM did not threaten to defy EU law”, published on Thursday in The Guardian. Continue reading