The Ministry of Complaints, Protest, Rejections and Summoning

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued 51 press releases over the last two weeks. Of these releases 23 (45%) have been complaints, rejections, protests or other strongly worded statements. Continue reading

Blame the Serbs

The government seems to have opened their box of tricks again. The “A decision was taken to close Hungarian-Serbian border.” headline as seen in our post yesterday, has disappeared from the government’s web page, to be replaced with the previous sub-heading: “The Minister of Interior has been instructed to prepare the closing of the Hungarian – Serbian border”. Which is definitely not the same.

According to the Serbian Ambassador, Rade Drobac has been told in the Foreign Ministry that the decision is not final yet and Hungary is still searching for a solution. Continue reading

Immigration + Fidesz = Disinformation

The government’s decision to build a 175 km fence along the Hungarian-Serbian border has been published at lightning speed in the Official Gazette. The government decree has three points.

  1. The government orders the preparation of the erection of a temporary fence. Deadline: 24 June 215
  2. Calls the Minister of National Economy to allocate funds for the measure above. Deadline: 1 August 2014
  3. Calls the Minister of Interior to draft legislation in order to take efficient steps against illegal immigration, taking into consideration the results of the National Consultation about Immigration and Terrorism. Deadline: 1 July 2015.

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